Nicolas Duforet-Frebourg

Postdoctoral researcher, UC Berkeley

Centre for theoretical evolutionary biology, Berkeley, CA

Software (more on Github)

  • PCAdapt

    PCAdapt is a C software implementing a Bayesian unsupervised method to detect genes targetted by selection. Check the software webpage: PCAdapt.
  • LocalDiff (formerly Friction)

    LocalDiff is the software implementing the method described in our article Non-stationary patterns of isolation-by-distance: inferring measures of genetic friction. It can provide powerful insights on how genetic differentiation between individuals, or populations, arises in a habitat.
    The software Also computes various statistics for a dataset, such as Fst, covariances or correlations between allele frequencies, for genetic data such as SNP, microsatellites, AFLP.
    Check the software webpage: LocalDiff.
  • HaploPOP

    HaploPOP is a C Software, written in collaboration with Lucie Gattepaille and Mattias Jakobsson (his lab). This program implements methods to build haplotypes based on Gain in Informativness for Assignment, as introduced in Gattepaille L. M. and Jakobsson M., Combining markers into haplotypes can improve population structure inference Genetics, 2012. Check the software webpage: HaploPOP.